Yoyo: What’s you name, man?
Helmut Grokenberger: Helmut Grokenberger.
[pointing to his cab license]
Helmut Grokenberger: Here, you can read it. That’s me.
Yoyo: Helmet?
Helmut Grokenberger: Helmut.
Yoyo: That’s your name?
Helmut Grokenberger: Yeah.
Yoyo: Ha ha ha ha ha. That’s a fucked up name to be namin‘ your kid! Helmet! See, ‚cause in English, a helmet would be like, you know, like something you would wear on your head, you know? You a… a helmet! Ha ha ha! In English, that would be like callin‘ your kid, uh, „Lampshade“ or some shit like that: ‚Hey, Lampshade! Come here and clean up your room!‘ Ha ha ha ha ha!
Helmut Grokenberger: So, what’s your name?
Yoyo: Yoyo.
Helmut Grokenberger: What?
Yoyo: Yoyo. That’s my name.
Helmut Grokenberger: …is Ihr Name?
Yoyo: What? Yoyo.
Helmut Grokenberger: Yoyo. Yoyo.
Helmut Grokenberger: Yoyo. Yoyo, das ist Spielzeug für Kinder.
Yoyo: It ain’t got nothin‘ to do with that. It’s my name. Yoyo.
Helmut Grokenberger: It’s a toy for kids, Yoyo.
Yoyo: Ain’t got nothin‘ to do with that, man.
Helmut Grokenberger: Okay. Your name Yoyo, my name Helmut. Yoyo, Helmut. It’s good.

Night on earth Part 2 – NYC by Jim Jarmush (1991)

Mitte – Am Hohen Ufer
17.o6.2o17 – 12.2o h

Sony ILCE A7M2
Sonnar T 55mm f/1,8 (c)
f/7,1 | 1/32o s | ISO 1oo (a) – o EV

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